Posture Collar

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

A posture collar is a kind of collar used in kink and BDSM play, primarily in Dominance and submission. It is wide enough to restrict the movement of the neck. Typically, a posture collar will encourage an extended neck and ‘chin up’ position.

More About Posture Collar

Posture collars may be used in conjunction with other posture training or on their own. Like most collars, they are found in various materials, including leather, rubber, PVC, metal, and more. They will often have a D-ring or O-ring on the front of the collar for a leash to be attached.

These collars, like other collars, may have deep significance to the wearer or be a symbol of the status someone holds in their relationship. They may be worn for some kinds of play or as a way to engage in BDSM fashion.


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