Position Training

Updated: FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Position training is the training a submissive in the BDSM community receives to learn a set of desired body positions. During position training, the submissive’s dominant teaches the positions which must be memorized and corrects any errors the submissive makes when executing them.

Position training is most commonly associated with the Gorean lifestyle. It is a component of full formal protocol in the BDSM community, along with voice training, speech training, and obedience training.

More About Position Training

Position training makes it easy for a dominant to manipulate their submissive’s body into desirable positions. The practice also helps influence the submissive’s head space, preparing the submissive for pleasure or pain to come. During occasions when full formal protocol is required, such as official BDSM functions, position training also teaches how to stand at any given time.

As position training is typically associated with the Gorean lifestyle, many of the positions submissives learn originated within this community, such as Gorean Bracelets, Bara, and Ko-Lar.

Training techniques vary significantly. Dominants and submissives may like to experiment to find the training regime that works best for them. Repetition is often involved, and the dominant may give rewards for good performance and punishments for bad.

Standing in any one position for any period of time can put stress on the body. The dominant should monitor the amount of time their submissive holds a position to minimize undue discomfort.

Not every submissive undergoes position training. Some dominants and submissives find the practice reinforces their relationship roles and turns them on. Others find the ritual boring and decide it will not be part of their interactions.


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