Updated: FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Pornosexual is a sexual orientation describing individuals who are aroused by and attracted to pornography rather than face-to-face human sexual encounters. Some definitions state pornosexuals do not engage with other humans sexually at all, only with pornography.

The term pornosexual is a relatively new one coined by healthcare website Medical Daily. Anecdotal evidence suggests more men identify as pornosexual as women, as more men are thought to use pornography.

More About Pornosexual

More people are identifying as pornosexual these days as the Internet and its free pornographic websites have made pornography more accessible than ever. This has allowed people to satisfy their sexual urges without human interaction.

There are many reasons why someone may prefer pornography to human relationships. Pornography is convenient, available anywhere you have an Internet connection. There’s no need to invest time or effort into the pursuit of pornography. You don’t have to be vulnerable or risk getting hurt by it. Pornography also asks for nothing in return as real human beings do.

Unlike other sexual orientations, which people are believed to be born with, being a pornosexual is learned or acquired over time. Sexual experts believe consuming pornography regularly increases the chance of becoming pornosexual, as regular consumption desensitizes the body and brain.

While consuming pornography increases the chances of becoming pornosexual, this doesn’t mean all people who view porn are pornosexuals. For many people, pornography is a healthy source of stimulation that adds variety to their sex lives.

Similarly, while experts believe pornosexuals are at greater risk of porn addiction than the rest of the population, some pornosexuals have a healthy relationship with pornography. They feel pornography fulfils a need in their lives and allows them to have the sexual outlet they want, without it ever interfering in their careers or social interactions, for example.


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