Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2019

Polyphallic is a descriptive word used to refer to the fantasy of possessing, or being possessed by, many phalluses or penises.

The term is a combination of the Greek prefix poly, meaning much or many, and the word phallus, meaning penis. Phallus was originally a Latin word, borrowed from the Greek and derived from a Proto-Indo-European root word meaning to swell or inflate.

More About Polyphallic

The term polyphallic is often used to describe artworks which depict men or gods with multiple penises. These polyphallic figures typically represented fertility and sexual potency.

The term polyphallic can also be used to describe sex toys designed to give the illusion of multiple penises, such as double dildos. A polyphallic sexual fantasy may also be brought to life by a man who uses a phallic sex toy such as a dildo or vibrator along with his own penis during sexual interaction with a partner.


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