Updated: APRIL 18, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on April 17, 2022

Polycurious is a term used to describe someone who has not had polyamorous relationships but is interested in having this kind of relationship in the future. A single person can be polycurious, but so can a monogamous couple.

The term polycurious follows the format established by the commonly used "bicurious," which describes people who have not practiced bisexuality but are interested in pursuing it in the future. It joins the prefix poly, from polyamorous meaning “many loves” to the word curious.

More About Polycurious

People who are polycurious may be interested in pursuing a particular person outside their relationship or may simply be interested in ways to conduct relationships that fall outside monogamy. They may be involved in a monogamous relationship or be single.

Some people assume that anyone who has a monogamous relationship, yet admits to being polycurious, is unsatisfied with their relationship or wants to cheat on their partner. However, this typically isn’t true. People can be very happy with their current partner and monogamous relationship, yet remain intrigued by the potential of other relationships and relationship styles.

Being polycurious can be very difficult for some people struggling with their identity. Connecting with other people who are polycurious and people who are polyamorous through online and offline groups can help polycurious people process their desires and feel less isolated.

Polycurious people may become polyamorous people or try polyamorous relationships in the future or they may never explore their desires. If they do experiment with polyamory, they may become polyamorous or decide this relationship style is not for them. Being polycurious is not necessarily a stepping stone to becoming polyamorous.


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