Updated: AUGUST 6, 2018

Pogonophilia refers to the fetishization of beards. Although the fetish has not been officially cited in any sexual reference books, anecdotal evidence suggests that a strong attraction, often a sexual one, to beards and other facial hair does exist. This fetish is most often shown by women and gay men. It may also include mustaches.

More About Pogonophilia

This term comes from the Greek word for beard "pogon." The popularity of beards and mustaches has fluctuated based on men's fashion. In more recent years, mustaches and beards have been popularized by Movember, a month-long charity event held through November to raise funds and bring awareness to men's health issues, particularly prostate cancer. In the past, beards have been seen as a sign of maturity, power, and respect.

Pogonophilia may not only involve an attraction to beards, but a desire to touch and run one's fingers through them.


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