Updated: NOVEMBER 8, 2022
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on November 7, 2022

A playroom is any space for performing a BDSM scene. While any room that hosts a BDSM scene technically qualifies as a playroom, the term is most commonly used to denote rooms permanently furnished with items used in BDSM scenes and play.

Playrooms typically feature sex furniture, such as whipping benches and suspension devices, as well as tools of the trade like floggers and paddles. They may also have suspension points for bondage, cages, and St. Andrews crosses. They may have chests full of sex toys and closets with fetish clothes for dressing up. However, playrooms may have no sex furniture or equipment at all, especially if they aren’t always used for BDSM play. While room for sex is crucial, play spaces may also have space for non-sexual activities, like cuddling, aftercare, and simply socializing.

A playroom may also be called a play space, although this term may be used for a broader range of settings, or a dungeon space.

More About Playroom

BDSM practitioners may have playrooms in their own homes. People attending BDSM parties may also find playrooms at the events they attend. There are also playrooms for hire, which couples in the BDSM community or experimenting with the lifestyle can play in. Other spaces that occasionally host BDSM scenes, like hotel rooms, conference centers and ballrooms can also be playrooms. A play space might be a single room or an entire building. A play space could also be an outdoor space, such as a secluded spot in the woods, or even a space in a mode of transport, such as a private jet or delivery van.

A good play space or playroom is essential for members of the BDSM community. Professional BDSM sex workers typically work at established fetish dungeons, which have all the equipment required for a satisfying client experience. Members of the BDSM community may transform one of the rooms in their home into a play space for scenes with a partner or friends.

In general, a playroom should be temperature controlled with the temperature set to be comfortable for any naked bodies involved. It’s a good idea to position a playroom close to a shower or bathroom for easy clean-up after scenes as well.

Everyone who enters a playroom or play space must agree to adhere to certain rules or standards of behavior. These rules are typically much more exhaustive and stringent than in a bar or club as there is a greater potential for physical and psychological harm. These rules typically concern topics like consent, the use of safewords and signals, modes of address, and preferred and unacceptable behavior. People who break the rules will be asked to leave the play space and may be unable to return.


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