Plastic Panties Fetish

Updated: JUNE 17, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on June 16, 2022

Plastic panties fetish is a fetish where people become aroused while wearing PVC panties or while watching other people wear PVC panties. It is not a documented fetish, but significant interest in this area can be found on fetish sites and in pornography. There may be some overlap between this fetish and adult babies or diaper fetishism.

More About Plastic Panties Fetish

Many people enjoy the sensation of the plastic panties because they feel slippery against the body especially when they come in contact with lubricated genitals. Some people with this fetish recall first experiencing these sensations during childhood when they wore diapers. At this time they were also likely to feel safe and nurtured by family members or babysitters who would pay attention to them while changing them. These fond memories are also likely to contribute to the fetish.

Large PVC panties, known as rubbers, were once commonly used to control adult incontinence. However, as they have been phased out they are becoming more difficult for people with this fetish to obtain. To meet the needs of kinky consumers, some companies create PVC panties, including frilly or high-cut styles, specifically for the fetish market.

People with a plastic panties fetish may wear the PVC panties at any time as they go about their day-to-day lives or encourage their partners to do so. However, this fetish is most often explored during age play, where adults role play as if they were infants or toddlers.

A person with a plastic panties fetish may also act out their fantasy during humiliation play. It's not uncommon for a dominant partner to compel their submissive to wear PVC panties as if they cannot be trusted to self-regulate bathroom habits.

Most people with a plastic panties fetish learn to control their impulses and act on them only in a healthy relationship. However, if the fetish starts to interfere with an individual's personal life, then treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy may be useful.


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