Pity Fuck

Updated: DECEMBER 23, 2021

A pity fuck is when someone engages in sexual intercourse with another person based on feelings of pity rather than sexual attraction. Although sex can be a way of comforting and caring for someone, this term is often used in a disparaging way. It may imply that the person receiving the pity fuck isn't deserving of sex or attraction in some way. Pity fuck may also be an excuse people use after the fact to explain sex they had with a partner they feel ambivalent about.

More About Pity Fuck

Although there is no real data on how many people choose to have sex this way, there are plenty of anecdotal stories of people who gave a pity fuck. Some of the reasons include that the person was a virgin, was insecure about sex, was sad and needed comforting or was unattractive in some way.

While consenting adults may have sex for any reason, it's best to be honest with partners about motives to ensure everyone leaves the engagement with good feelings.


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