Piss Play

Updated: JUNE 28, 2023
Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on June 27, 2023

Piss play refers to the use of urine for sexual pleasure and gratification. Categorized as being a form of salirophilia, which brings sexual satisfaction from disheveling, dirtying, or soiling a partner or receiving this treatment. Piss play is a slang term for urine play or erotic urination. It is also called watersports. When it ascends to the degree of a fetish, it is described as urolagnia.

What does piss play involve?

Piss play may involve a wide variety of urine-based activities. People may enjoy golden showers, where one person urinates on or near a sexual partner. Piss play may also involve urophagia, or the drinking of urine. This might involve drinking straight urine or adding it to another drink. Clothes wetting and the wearing of urine-soaked clothes can be another element of piss play. Deliberately urinating during sex, either inside or outside partner, is also a form of piss play. There may also be a voyeuristic element for people who enjoy watching a partner delay relieving themselves or using a toilet. Some people interested in piss play also use their partner like a human urinal. People who share this kink may socialize together at piss parties, where piss play is commonplace and celebrated.

Kaylee Rose Friedman, a psychotherapist specializing in BDSM and kink, said people may enjoy piss play for many reasons. “For some people, it’s simply the sensation of warm liquid running down their body, for some it is the power exchange or degradation element between the giver and receiver. For some, it’s the trust and vulnerability involved in doing something that is so taboo,” she explained. Some people may also experiment with piss play simply to try something different.

How common is this kink?

It’s difficult to determine how common piss play is, as many people prefer to keep their kinky sexual practices private. However, a study of 4,000 Americans conducted by Dr. Justin Lehmiller found that 32% of people identifying as men and 15% of people identifying as women had sexual fantasies about urine. British sexologist Havelock Ellis, Ricky Martin, American porn actress Annie Sprinkle and Patrice O’Neal have all spoken openly about their sexual interest in urine. The formal term for these people and others interested in piss play is urophiliacs.

While there can be some crossover, piss play differs from a diaper fetish. People may wear and urinate in a diaper if they have a diaper fetish, but many people engage in piss play without diapers.

More About Piss Play

As piss play is a taboo activity, it’s seen as a type of kink. For some people, this kink may overlap with an interest in BDSM. When it does, a dominant partner typically controls their own urine or the urinating habits of a partner. For example, they may piss on a submissive as an act of dominance or refuse access to the toilet, causing the submissive to soil themselves. Dominants may also require their submissives to wear urine-soaked underwear for extended periods of time as a form of humiliation play. Drinking the urine of a dominant partner can be a submissive act.

Drinking a lot of water roughly an hour before piss play helps participants urinate. Being well-hydrated also lowers the risk of getting dehydrated by salty urine. It’s also important to plan the details, such as who will play, what the piss play will involve and where it’ll happen. An honest and open discussion with sexual partners can help people figure out where their interests overlap, learn about any hard and soft limits, gain consent, and establish a safeword. A shower or bath is the ideal location for piss play, as participants can clean up where they are once they’re done. Some people also like to take their piss play outdoors.

Ways to Play

A golden shower is one of the most common types of piss play and a good place for any beginners to start experimenting. The giver may stand near or straddle the receiver, who lies down, sits, or kneels in a comfortable position. The giver can then urinate near or on their partner. It’s a good idea to urinate away from the face, at least at first, as urine can burn the eyes, and drinking urine isn’t for everyone. Communicating during piss play can ensure everyone is having a good time. If the receiver and giver enjoy their experience, they might experiment with peeing on different parts of the body and in different locations. After piss play, a couple might take a bath or shower together to clean off.

From a medical perspective, drinking urine is not believed to be harmful (although there are limited sources/research to speak to this.) However, bacteria from infections and viruses may get transmitted through urine; contrary to popular belief, urine is not sterile. People with open sores or cuts should wait for their wounds to heal before engaging in piss play to lower their risks. It’s also a good idea to ensure someone is healthy before drinking their urine. Urine-soaked clothes can also start to harbor harmful bacteria over time, so it’s important to limit play sessions involving wet clothes and clean off thoroughly when they conclude.


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