Pink Sock

Updated: OCTOBER 26, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on October 17, 2021

Pink sock is the colloquial term for rectal prolapse caused by vigorous anal penetration. It is named thus because the distended, exposed anorectal tissue resembles a crumpled up pink sock. It is sometimes also called “meat sock” and “rosebudding.”

A rectal prolapse is a serious medical condition that can be cause by a number of circumstances. The complete explanation of the condition is that a part of rectum, the large intestine’s lowest section, “falls” or slips outside of the anus. It occurs when the tissues and ligaments that hold the rectum in place and support it are weakened or damaged. Rectal prolapse can develop into a chronic condition.

For most of our lives, that strong, muscular sphincter at the end of the digestive track does a good job ensuring the rectum stays in place. While some rectal prolapses can be fixed by simply pushing the rectum back through the anus, all occurrences should .

In relation to sex, a pink sock can be caused by anal penetration that is both rough and not accompanied by enough lubrication. Because the anus and rectum are not self-lubricating, some form of lube is highly recommended for anal play. If sufficient lubrication is not used—before and during anal penetration—the rectal cavity may begin to dry out. This can cause ripping and tearing of rectal membranes and possibly the anus. As the cavity becomes more dry, the membranes may “stick” to the penis, fingers or sex toy involved and the rectum could follow the penis when it exits.

Despite rectal prolapse being a dangerous condition, some folks fetishize and encourage their own or others pink sock to occur. After the rectum is exposed, some folks enjoy performing or receiving different types of touch to the pink sock, including touch, licking, fingering or even attempting further penetration.

More About Pink Sock

The wide world of human sexual interest is expansive and very varied. There is no credible explanation of why we enjoy what we enjoy. Different acts, fetishes, situations and bodies appeal to different people. Understanding and accepting our unique and differing sexual responses helps each of us lead happier, more fulfilled sex lives.

Over time, different sex acts have moved from being taboo to be accepted…and vice versa. The more dangerous a sex act is—whether that be physical or psychological—the more likely it is to fall into the taboo realm of most people’s sexual acceptance. Anal sex itself, while experiencing a notable uptick in popularity, has long been stigmatized because of its association with pain and perceived homosexuality.

To that end, pink sock was already butting up against potential taboo. That it is very physically dangerous will also place it into the “I’m not going to yuck your yum” category.

If you are in a situation where you or your partner experience a rectal prolapse that was not intentional, try to remain calm. Because pink sock can be fully external, semi external or fully internal, it is recommended that you visit your local emergency health facility and be examined.

If you are interested in playing with a pink sock—whether your own or someone else’s—it is highly recommended that you do a significant amount of research before forcing this situation to happen. Sure, you might be turned on and ready for fun, but because rectal prolapse can have significant, long-lasting health effects, be sure you thoroughly know what you are getting into.

While it may not be representative of all that is involved with pink sock and rectal prolapse, this fetish has found a place in niche pornography. Those who are curious can search either term to get a sense of the act.


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