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Updated: APRIL 12, 2024

Pinay is a colloquial term for a Filipino woman. It can also be used to describe women of Filipino descent or content featuring these women, including porn with Filipino actresses. It is the feminine version of pinoy. Both terms come from Tagalog, one of the major languages of the Philippines.

The term pinay originated in the United States in the 1920s. People used this term to describe women born in the Philippines. At that time, it helped people distinguish these women from Filipinas of Spanish descent. Over time, pinay has come to mean any woman with Filipino ancestry, regardless of their birthplace.

While Filipino people online say the term pinay is neutral or even respectful of women, others say it’s derogatory. This may be because the term often describes Filipino women seeking marriages with foreigners and pornography featuring Filipino women and sex workers of Filipino descent. When pinay is used in these ways, it perpetuates stereotypes about Filipino women. Some members of the Filipino community online say that while pinay isn’t an offensive term, it may become derogatory if the speaker intends for it to be a racist slur.

What are the Pinay Scandals?

Pinay scandals is a term for pornographic content featuring Filipino women. It may describe pornographic videos or images. The term pinay scandal trended so heavily that in 2011, bloggers began using the term in posts about unrelated content to drive traffic to their websites.

Pinay Scandal Variations

As with all pornographic content, there are several varieties of pinay scandals. Some of the most common variations of this type of porn include:

  • Gangbang: Featuring a pinay who has sex with multiple men.
  • Bukkake: A variation on pinay gangbang videos, they feature a pinay that multiple men ejaculate on.
  • Blowjobs: Featuring a pinay that performs fellatio.
  • Kantutan: Featuring a pinay who’s vaginally or anally penetrated by a partner, after the colloquial Tagalog word for sexual intercourse.

Why is Pinay Porn Trending?

It’s difficult to determine why pinay porn is trending, but recent reports from Pornhub suggest rising porn usage from the Philippines may play a role. According to Pornhub’s 2023 in Review, this nation accounted for the second-highest amount of traffic, up three places from the previous year. Pinay was also the most searched for term in this country by a substantial margin. While pinay did not feature in the top searched terms for other countries, Asian was a common search term for many nations, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia. This suggests that people from these nations may also be contributing to the trend, even if they aren’t directly searching for pinay porn.

Pinay Porn Concerns

Some pinay porn isn't produced as ethically as adult content in the Western world. The U.S. State Department’s "2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: Philippines" reported 740 Filipino sex trafficking victims were identified in the last year. Of these, 490 were women and 148 were underage girls. While it’s difficult to determine how many of these individuals were trafficked to make pinay porn, in 2016 PBS spoke to Lila Shahani, a member of a Filipino government human trafficking task force. She noted that cyberpornography was one of the organization’s biggest problems as it spreads quickly and is very expensive for the third-world nation to police.

It’s also difficult to determine whether the pinay in pornography made in the Philippines are adults. In 2022, Erwin Tulfo, the Philippines’ social welfare secretary, told The Straits Times that child pornography had been a problem in the nation for many years. While the country’s government says it’s committed to prosecuting and jailing perpetrators, it’s unclear how it plans to identify the offenders.


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