Perineal Sponge

Updated: AUGUST 25, 2017

The perineal sponge is a collection of erectile tissue and blood vessels that sit inside the perineum and perineal body, between the vaginal opening and rectum. It gets its name from its spongy texture.

During arousal, the perineal sponge becomes swollen with blood, much as the penis does.

The perineal sponge is sometimes abbreviated to PS or PS-Spot, a play on the more widely known erogenous zone, the G-Spot.

More About Perineal Sponge

The perineal sponge enhances sex. As it has a highly concentrated amount of nerve endings, stimulating the perineal sponge feel amazing. The perineal sponge can be stimulated through the vagina’s back wall or the top wall of the rectum. That means that vaginal or anal sex, or vaginal or anal stimulation with sex toys, can stimulate the perineal sponge. Sexual positions where the penis targets the vagina’s back wall, like missionary and woman-on top positions, are most effective.

However, some say a finger or curved sex toy is the best way to stimulate the perineal sponge. You can massage it through the perineum or the anus.

When it swells up, the perineal sponge, along with the vestibular bulbs and urethral sponge, also compresses the outer third of the vagina. This creates a tighter fit around the penis which feels amazing during sex.

Perineal sponge stimulation may also cause female ejaculation or "squirting". These orgasms are said to feel like G-Spot orgasms.

As with most sexual activities, not everyone enjoys perineal sponge stimulation. However, those who do say it can help them reach orgasm more quickly, enhance other kinds of sexual stimulation, and prolong and deepen their orgasms.


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