Updated: JANUARY 27, 2022

The penis is an external reproductive organ. The urethra passes through the length of the penis and allows urine and semen to exit the body. The penis has two distinct parts: The head (glans) and the shaft. In uncircumcised people, foreskin covers the head of the penis.

When sexually aroused, the spongy erectile tissue in the penis becomes engorged with blood. When this happens, the penis becomes erect, or hard. This makes it possible for the penis to be inserted into the vagina or anus during sexual intercourse. The friction during intercourse then stimulates the sensitive nerve endings in the penis, which can eventually lead to ejaculation and orgasm.

The penis has a number of nicknames, including cock, pecker, and dick.

diagram of the penis shaft and head

More About Penis

Penis size has been a concern for people for centuries. Many cultures associate large penises with masculinity and virility. In today's society, pornography often places an emphasis on large penises. It's not uncommon for people to worry that their penises are too small. The average size of an erect penis in 5.5 inches, although there is quite a bit of variability between individuals.

Typically, penises are only considered unusually small when they are shorter than three inches when erect. However, women who have sex with people who have penises report that size is not a major factor in sexual pleasure.



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