Penile Fracture

Updated: OCTOBER 22, 2018

Penile fracture refers to an injury of the penis where there is a rupture in one of the fibrous openings of the corposa cavenosa, the cavernous muscle of the penis. Injury is caused by blunt force trauma, usually from rapid movement during vaginal sex or masturbation. It is preceded by a cracking sound, which is immediately followed by a loss of erection. The man may also experience skin hematoma and temporary flaccidity.

More About Penile Fracture

Woman on top is the riskiest position when it comes to experiencing penile fracture. Since the woman's entire weight is on the penis and she controls the movement, it is difficult to correct penile misalignment in time. The missionary position is the safest as it puts the man in control of the thrusting movement. When penile fracture happens, immediately head to the nearest medical center. This is an emergency situation and often requires surgery. Non-surgical repair may be offered but this only guarantees up to a 50% chance of complete recovery.


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