Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2018

A penicorn is a mythical creature. The penicorn has a horse-like appearance, like a unicorn, but it has a penis on his forehead where the unicorn has a horn. These rare creatures are said to live in far-flung places around the world like Tahiti, the island of Lesbos, and on rainbows.

More About Penicorn

According to legend, a penicorn grants its owner wishes and long-term virility. Its penis-like horn is thought to have magical properties, including the power to make women orgasm. This horn is believed to stand straighter, like a male erection, when a penicorn thinks too much.

Some people believe the penicorn is related to the unicorn. Others say that a unicorn is actually a penicorn who has lost the flesh from its horn after being cursed by an evil force.

The term penicorn has been appropriated as a modern insult synonymous with the slang term “dickhead.”


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