Party and Play

Updated: OCTOBER 23, 2017

Party and play is a term that references the use of drugs to enhance sexual activity. It’s typically used within communities of recreational drug users who have high-risk sexual contact, like unprotected sex and/or sex with multiple partners, while under the influence of drugs like methamphetamine, mephedrone, GHB, GBL, and Viagra.

Party and play is sometimes known as chemsex, especially among gay men in Britain and continental Europe. It can also be expressed 'Party ‘n’ Play' or as an acronym, PNP or PnP. Despite its strong association with the gay community, the practice spans all sexualities.

More About Party and Play (PNP)

Drugs used during party and play sessions are often powerful aphrodisiacs, making people feel a sense of euphoria, fewer inhibitions, and a desire to be closer to others. With fewer inhibitions, people are often more willing to try new things or have kinkier sex. Many of the drugs used also stimulants that inhibit ejaculation so they give people the energy and means they need for long sex sessions. Sex under the influence of party drugs often feels more intense, with stronger orgasms and sensations throughout.

People who enjoy party and play may find others who share their interests organically or through Internet dating websites or chat rooms. It’s not uncommon for people who share an interest in party and play express online to meet up simply to engage in drugs and sex.

Studies have found people who engage in party and play have a greater chance of having unprotected sex. They also have a higher chance of transmitting and acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Methamphetamine, commonly used during party and play, can also cause abrasions or sores in the mouth which make low HIV-risk activities like oral sex much riskier. As people who engage in party and play have fewer inhibitions and may meet strangers as a result, they are also more vulnerable to threats including date rape, assault, and robbery. There’s also a risk that people may develop a drug addiction or dependence.


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