Panty Fetish

Updated: MAY 11, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on May 11, 2021

Panty fetish refers to a sexual arousal by or sexual interest in panties. It is a type of underwear fetish, or fetish with a specific type of undergarment. This fetish is most common among heterosexual males who are aroused by the underwear of cisgender women, but anyone with any sexuality or gender identity can have a panty fetish.

As with any sex act or fetish, all parties must be aware of how they will participate and consent fully, without coercion. Anything else is illegal and reprehensible.

For panty fetishists, there is no object more desired than a pair of panties. For some, their obsession can lead people to collect panties. They might buy panties, ask intimate partners for their panties, or in some cases steal them from people’s drawers, clotheslines, or the machines in public laundromats. They may also buy used panties from online sellers. People who sell their underwear often charge high prices for the panties they’ve worn the longest.

People with a panty fetish are often aroused by the odor of worn underwear. They may also feel turned on by the soft or silky fabrics that panties are made from. Some people love stroking the panties or using them to masturbate. Some people wear them, either at home in private or underneath their clothes when they are out.

Some panty fetishists also love looking at others wearing panties. They may become aroused when people flash the underpants they’re wearing, either accidentally or on purpose. They may encourage their intimate partners to leave panties on during sex or wear these undergarments, and nothing else, while they’re relaxing at home. Many panty fetishists get turned on watching others put on their panties and take them off again. Many panty fetishists enjoy softcore pornography showing people wearing panties.

People with a panty fetish are often attracted to certain kinds of panties. They may like thongs that expose the buttocks or prefer more modest designs. They may also feel drawn to panties made from specific materials such as cotton, lace or satin.

More About Panty Fetish

Panties can be arousing for panty fetishists for many reasons.

Panties can also be a sensory delight. The feel of soft fabric against the skin, and even the narrow part of a thong against the ass, can make a panty fetishist feel good. The scent of used panties is similar to the scent of the genitals they sit close to, so it can be very arousing.

For a large number of men with a panty fetish, women’s panties are also taboo (after all, culture impacts fetishes too!). Society tells them they’re not supposed to wear them, so when they break the rules and put them on they can feel a real adrenalin rush. This excitement can intensify when men wear women’s panties in public underneath their clothes.

A panty fetish is a common fetish. It is also usually a harmless fetish. Many people with panty fetishes have successful relationships. Some partners embrace their partner’s fetish, enjoying the way that acting on it gives them sexual pleasure. They may even encourage the fetish by giving their partner their used panties or letting their partner pick underwear for them both at lingerie stores. When panty fetishists feel this acceptance from their partners, they usually feel happier and more comfortable with their sexual interests.

While a panty fetish isn’t a problem for most people, a panty fetishist may need help if their fetish hurts others or otherwise interferes in their own lives. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of counseling can help people channel their panty fetish in a healthy way.

Panty fetishists should also remember that their fetish should never encourage them to break the law. Panty theft, trespassing and break and enter to steal panties, and taking photos of people wearing panties without consent are illegal activities. In 2020, a man from Singapore received jail time after repeatedly stealing panties from local homes. His story is a reminder of the serious repercussions of inappropriately acting on a panty fetish.


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