Updated: SEPTEMBER 8, 2022

Paddling refers to a form of sexual practice where one person, usually the submissive, is repeatedly struck by their dominant. This brings enjoyment to all parties and is generally consensual.

Erotic paddling is also regarded as impact play, which is a form of BDSM.

While paddles are more usually designed to strike the submissive across the buttocks, it can also be used around the genital regions, back of the thighs, breasts, and lower abdomen.

More About Paddling

Erotic paddles are manufactured from various types of materials. The most common materials are wood, leather, and plastic. Paddles sport a handle and a flat surface and can easily be held with one hand. The sex toy market does have oversized paddles that need to be held with both hands.

Other types of paddles also come with holes to produce more sting when the surface lands across the skin.

Other than a traditional paddle, the act of paddling can also involve other accessories such as a spanking skirt, bondage, or a spanking bench or table.

Paddling can be administered in various types of spanking positions.

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From a non-erotic perspective, it is also used as a form of corporal punishment for children.


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