Orgasmic Birth

Updated: MAY 13, 2019

An orgasmic birth is a positive childbirth experience where the mother enjoys sensual pleasure to alleviate pain and have a more positive labor. While orgasms often occur during orgasmic births, they are not necessarily the goal. Instead, mothers who participate in orgasmic birth aim to connect to their own bodies and their partners and bring their babies into the world in a more positive way.

Orgasmic birth is sometimes called ecstatic birth.

More About Orgasmic Birth

During an orgasmic birth, women may have sexual fantasies, masturbate, enjoy manual or oral stimulation, and even have sex during labor. All these activities can make childbirth easier and less painful. Arousal helps the vagina dilate, providing an easier passage for the baby. Orgasms also relax the body and act like a natural pain reliever. Just as with a sexual orgasm, an orgasmic birth requires surrendering your control and trusting that your body will naturally know what to do.

Midwives and doulas often guide women through orgasmic births just as they do with traditional births. They often do this at the expectant woman’s home, where she feels most comfortable. However, orgasmic births can occur anywhere, including birthing centers and hospitals. Dim lighting and more privacy than most laboring women receive can help women feel more relaxed during their orgasmic birth outside the home. Sitting in a pool of water can also aid relaxation during an orgasmic birth. Water is naturally soothing and comforting. It also helps the perineum relax, which helps women be more aroused.

Orgasmic births are almost always natural births. During an orgasmic birth, women have little to no pain, so there is no need for the pain-management drugs many women receive during labor. Without drugs in the system, women enjoy the full effects of a flood of feel-good hormones which enhance the childbirth process along with the “love hormone,” oxytocin through sensual stimulation.


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