Orgasm Gap

Updated: FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Orgasm gap is a term coined to describe men achieving orgasms more frequently than women. Some recent studies have shown that some women in general have only one orgasm for every three orgasms men have. The orgasm gap that exists between the male and female sexes may be partly blamed on a woman's anatomy. However, many researchers believe that the orgasm gap exists because greater emphasis is placed on the male orgasm rather than the female orgasm during sexual encounters. Women can also contribute to this gap, since faking an orgasm to please a partner is not entirely uncommon.

More About Orgasm Gap

Closing the orgasm gap is possible, but not without a little work. Women who don't orgasm regularly during sexual encounters should speak up and communicate with their partners. By telling and showing their partners what they like and what turns them on, women are basically giving their partners a road map to the Big O.

Both men and women should realize that achieving an orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone is very difficult. Stimulating the clitoris, either with the hand mouth, is almost sure to bring on a powerful orgasm in any healthy, aroused woman. In many cases, women may need to be brought to orgasm by their partners before or after vaginal intercourse takes place.


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