'O' Fantasy

Updated: MARCH 16, 2020

An ‘O’ fantasy is a sexual fantasy inspired by the novel “The Story of ‘O’” by Pauline Reage, the pseudonym of French writer Anne Desclos. ‘O’ fantasies draw from the plot of this book which is considered by many to be one of the most important literary works with sadomasochistic themes ever written.

More About 'O' Fantasy

“The Story of ‘O’” tells the story of a young woman, known only as O, who enters a life of submission. Scenes from this book, including O’s slave training, labium piercing, bondage with chains, and whipping may feature in ‘O’ fantasies.

‘O’ fantasies can be used by couples and individuals in many ways. People may imagine their ‘O’ fantasies and use them to become aroused during masturbation or discuss them with their partners. They might choose to act their ‘O’ fantasies out, replicating scenes between O and the men she interacts with. They might also like to write down their ‘O’ fantasies, either for private consumption or to be shared with others aroused by sadomasochistic material.

While ‘O’ fantasies have sadomasochistic themes and content, they are not only enjoyed by people within the BDSM community. These fantasies are also common among so-called vanilla individuals, especially those curious about BDSM practices.


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