Nuru Massage

Updated: DECEMBER 22, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on December 11, 2023

A nuru massage is a type of body-to-body massage involving warmed nuru gel, a product made from Japanese seaweed extract. A naked nuru massager covered in nuru gel uses their whole body to massage the naked receiver, who is also covered in the gel. This technique originated in Japanese bathhouses, where the word nuru translates to “slippery”. However, Nuru massages are now practiced all over the world.

What’s the appeal of nuru massage?

Nuru massages involve close personal contact between the massager and the receiver, so it can be very sexually arousing. Many people enjoy the physical sensations of the gel against their skin, the massage and the massager’s body against their own. The touch of the massager can also ease tension and relieve sore muscles. Practitioners also claim their techniques can release toxins from the body.

The arousal experienced during a nuru massage can be a great stress reliever. In 2017, Elite Daily cited reports from a London-based nuru massage parlor which claimed 83 percent of their clients felt better mentally after receiving a nuru massage.

Nuru gel is made from a Japanese seaweed extract and other therapeutic ingredients, including aloe vera gel, grapefruit extract and botanicals. These ingredients moisturize and firm the skin to improve its condition. Some people may choose a nuru massage for these benefits.

Who enjoys nuru massage?

Anyone can enjoy a nuru massage, regardless of their gender, sexuality, or relationship status. Elite Daily suggests the sensual energy created during a nuru massage can be a good way for people to explore their sexuality and relieve sexual tension in a safe space.

“Nuru massage can appeal to all sorts of people - men, women, nonbinary folks, and even couples can enjoy nuru massage! Here at Sheri’s, we see all types of people who enjoy nuru,” confirmed explained Electra Rayne, who performs nuru massage at Sheri’s Ranch, the first establishment offering legal nuru massage services in the United States. “From people who’ve experienced it many times before, to new people who’ve never even been to a brothel. It’s a good experience for anyone who craves intimacy with relaxation.”

More About Nuru Massage

How to Get a Nuru Massage

People interested in nuru massage may book an appointment with a sex worker offering this service. Booking a professional appointment with a nuru massage practitioner often results in the best, most authentic experience, as these people are trained in this ancient technique. Nuru massages performed by two practitioners may also be an option at some establishments, along with other services, such as full-service sexual intercourse, oral sex, and happy-ending massages.

Some people may also like to experiment with nuru massages at home. Couples can purchase nuru gel from specialty stores and online marketplaces. Some versions are ready to use while others come in the form of powders that people can mix with water.

How to Give a Nuru Massage

Nuru massagers heat nuru gel until it’s a comfortable temperature and set up either a massage sheet or bed. They then remove their clothing and apply a generous amount of the gel over their entire body. They then cover the body of the naked receiving person. The massager slides their body over the receiving person. They vary the slides, ensuring soft surfaces like their breasts and harder surfaces like their forearms glide over the receiving person’s body. Different nuru techniques include inner thigh strokes, leg locks, buttock massages, and full-body slides.

“I always like to start my nuru massages with a traditional, hands-on back massage to set the mood and create relaxation. Once my client is settled and comfortable, I then add in the nuru gel and get to work with my whole body,” Rayne explained. “Nuru, like most forms of sex, is all about experimentation, so don't be afraid to get creative! Then when we’re done with the massage and the happy ending, getting the gel off is almost as fun as putting it on. Our nuru room comes equipped with a big, opulent shower that fits multiple people comfortably. It’s the perfect end to the perfect experience.”

How to Receive a Nuru Massage

Before receiving a nuru massage, it’s best for people to share their preferences, expectations, and any concerns with their massager. Being open with the massager helps them tailor the experience to the receiving person’s tastes and needs. As the massage is thought to remove toxins, it’s important to be well hydrated. Receiving partners may also feel more comfortable if they’ve had a light snack or meal a few hours before the massage, rather than having something heavier sitting in their stomach.

Showering can help the receiving person relax before the massage. It’s also easier to apply the gel to a body that’s totally clean and slightly moist. Some massage parlors offer a shared shower with the massager as part of their service.

The receiving person can then lie face down without their clothes, ready to receive the nuru gel and massage. Some massage parlors have special waterproof nuru beds designed for these massages. The receiving person can relax on these beds and enjoy the sensations of the gel and massage. They may like to close their eyes to focus better on the feelings in their body.

Legal and Safety Advice for Nuru Massages

As nuru massages are intended for sexual pleasure, this service is not available at traditional massage parlors. Instead, nuru massages are typically performed by sex workers in brothels and other establishments for sex work. Sex work is illegal in every state except Nevada, where it’s permitted in counties with populations of less than 700,000. In states and counties where sex work is illegal, authorities can arrest and prosecute anyone giving a nuru massage for money or paying someone else for a nuru massage. Only giving or receiving nuru massages in legal sex work establishments is the best way to avoid charges. Even in Nevada’s counties where sex work is legal, all solicitations and sex work must occur in licensed brothels.

Ongoing consent is also crucial for a positive nuru massage. After initially obtaining the receiving person’s consent, the massager continues to monitor them for signs of pleasure or discomfort. They check in if they’re concerned about anything to make sure the receiving person enjoys the massage.

Some people may be allergic to the ingredients of nuru gels. Testing the gel on a small patch of skin before giving or receiving the massage can help prevent large-scale allergic reactions.

A nuru massage is a relatively low-risk sexual activity, as there is no exchange of bodily fluids. However, people can still get some sexually transmitted diseases through skin-to-skin contact, including human papillomavirus, syphilis and herpes. Visiting a reputable legal parlor, where massagers are regularly tested, can help reduce these risks. Risks increase if other services are performed along with a Nuru massage, but barrier methods like condoms and dental dams can help keep people safe.


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