Updated: FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Non-sexual is a descriptive term applied to any thing, person, or activity that is not sexual in nature. This adjective is the opposite of the descriptive term sexual.

Non-sexual can also be expressed as nonsexual. Asexual is a common synonym for non-sexual. Just like asexual, non-sexual can be used as an adjective and also a noun for a person who has no sexual desire.

More About Non-Sexual

Several things may be described as non-sexual. A person who identifies as asexual may also be described as non-sexual. A relationship that is purely platonic is called a non-sexual relationship. Just as intimate touch can be sexual, touch can also be non-sexual. Touch intended to direct or comfort is non-sexual. Just as friends do, people in a sexual relationship have non-sexual experiences like visiting family members, making dinner, and going to the movies. While sex workers are typically paid for intercourse and other sexual activity, they may also be paid for non-sexual activities like cuddling and talking.

All body parts but the genitals, breasts, and buttocks are considered non-sexual. However, non-sexual body parts can become sexual when admired by fetishists. For example, feet are non-sexual body parts for most people, but they are considered sexual by people with foot fetishes. Fetishists always take sexual pleasure from things that are usually considered non-sexual, like items of clothing for example.


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