Updated: MARCH 14, 2019

Non-monogamy refers to being emotionally and sexually involved with more than one partner, either of the same or different sex. This practice is often consensual. It may be on a temporary or permanent basis. In most cases, the person lives with a 'primary’ partner and occasionally meets up with a secondary partner. Some people choose to live together and are all committed to each other. Non-monogamy is also practiced in some Asian cultures.

More About Non-Monogamy

Non-monogamy is a common practice in some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia where men are legally allowed to marry up to four women. The practice of non-monogamy is also widespread in places such as swinging and swapping clubs. The most common forms of non-monogamous relationships include casual relationships, infidelity, cuckoldry, orgies, group sex, open relationships, swinging, or polyamory.

Non-monogamous relationships can be problematic for individuals who are not emotionally ready to share their partner. This type of relationship is mainly recommended to couples who genuinely enjoy the practice of swinging.


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