No-Money Guys

Updated: MARCH 8, 2016

No-money guys is a term used in the sex trade to refer to men who frequent sex workers but have very low budgets or are stingy with their funds. The term is commonly used by escorts and sex workers working within the sex industry.

While the term originated in the adult industry, it has been appropriated by the wider community. Today many women from all walks of life use the term no-money guys to describe men who cannot afford to spend money on them.

More About No-Money Guys (NMG)

No-money guys will often choose the most affordable items on an escort’s menu. For example, they may choose to have only a hand job or oral sex rather than a full-service treatment.

Due to their restricted budgets, no-money guys are often viewed as being lower class customers than those who can afford to spend more money on adult services.


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