Nipple Stimulation

Updated: OCTOBER 14, 2019

Nipple stimulation is the touching, rubbing, biting, kissing or licking of the nipples or the area around the nipples, called the areola, for sexual enjoyment. Women usually get more pleasure from this type of stimulation than men, whose nipples are actually more sensitive - and usually not in a good way.

Nipple stimulation can be used as an arousal technique in foreplay or as part of sex. It is even possible for some people to orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Some people may call this a nipplegasm.

More About Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulation is a great way to help start sex as the stimulation helps produce the chemical oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. This reduces stress and will ultimately make sex more enjoyable.

People with larger breasts may require longer or harder touching because larger breasts tend to have less overall sensitivity. However, it's important, whatever size your breasts are, to start off slowly and gently and find your own level of enjoyment.

How much a person enjoys nipple stimulation may also depend on the timing of their menstrual cycle; during some parts of the month, a person's nipples can become too sensitive to be touched.


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