Updated: MARCH 2, 2016

Mysophilia is a paraphilia that involves an intense sexual arousal brought on by dirt or being covered in filth. It is classified as a paraphilia due to its impact on social quality of life. Mysophiles exhibit atypical and extreme sexual behavior. Their behavior falls far outside the norm that it affects their quality of life.

More About Mysophilia

Mysophilia is a fairly broad paraphilia. It can encompass everything from soiled undergarments to dirt and dust. Anything that is dirty or filthy can be a sexual interest to the mysophile. This paraphilia can affect the quality of life of the individual. Mysophilia is seen as socially unacceptable due to the involvement of filth and dirt. It can also affect the individual's health. There are sanitation issues to consider because of the nature of the paraphilia.


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