Muzzle Gag

Updated: JANUARY 14, 2019

A muzzle gag is a type of gag that is typically worn by a submissive partner during BDSM play. It is so named because of its strong resemblance to an animal muzzle, which is slid over an animal's snout to keep its mouth closed. Muzzle gags generally have a flexible patch of leather that is placed over the mouth. They are held in place by interconnected straps that wrap around the back of the head as well as straps that run under the chin and up over the face.

A muzzle gag may also be called a bondage muzzle.

More About Muzzle Gag

Like other gags, muzzle gags can be dangerous if used improperly. It's important to observe a few simple safety rules when using them. For instance, make sure a muzzle gag is not so tight that it impairs breathing. Nothing should be stuffed into a person's mouth before a muzzle gag is put on. Doing so can not only impair breathing but can also pose a a choking hazard. Because a person wearing a muzzle gag will usually be unable to speak, a safe word alternative should be used during play. This can include a series of eye blinks or hand signals to signify when the submissive is nearing his or her limits. Finally, a submissive wearing any type of gag should never be left unattended.


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