Updated: JUNE 20, 2017

Multisexuality refers to a romantic and sexual attraction that is not limited to a specific gender. This form of attraction differs from bisexuality since multisexual individuals are attracted to males and females as well as transvestites. Multisexual individuals often engage in consensual polyamorous relationships and swinging. Multisexuals are not defined by more popular labels like bisexual, gay, straight, or lesbian.

More About Multisexuality

Multisexuals refuse to limit their relations based on gender. On the contrary, multisexuals maintain that their romantic and sexual attachments are not defined by gender, but by the individual. By this token, a multisexual may develop intense relationships with anyone regardless of their sexual preferences. Unlike gays and lesbians, these individuals are also open to transsexuals or transvestites. Because it can be taboo in certain areas of the world, multisexuals often engage in private swinging parties where they can meet other individuals who share the same orientations.


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