Multiple Shots On Goal

Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

Multiple shots on goal (MSOG) is a colloquial term that describes multiple ejaculations during a sexual encounter. The term comes from the sporting world, where attempts to score in games like soccer and hockey are known as shots on goal. Like an athlete, someone who can take multiple shots on goal can “shoot” multiple times.

Multiple shots on goal is a term commonly used in the sex industry. A sex worker may allow multiple shots on goal for just one rate or apply a surcharge for additional orgasms. This term typically refers to multiple orgasms experienced by a male client, as ejaculating is commonly referred to as "shooting a load."

Multiple orgasms that occur during the same session with a sex worker count as multiple shots on goal. The multiple orgasms can occur during hand jobs, oral sex or penetrative sex. The client may also orgasm over several different parts of the sex worker’s body, such as the chest and then the face.

Sex workers normally list multiple shots on goal on their website or menu. They usually state whether they allow multiple shots on goal upfront so their clients understand what their money buys and are not disappointed by the level of service. However, some sex workers do not state explicitly whether they allow multiple shots on goal. Instead, they evaluate their services on a case-by-case basis. Some may allow multiple shots on goal if their client finishes quickly but restrict orgasms for other clients who last longer. Others may allow long-term clients to have multiple shots on goal to thank them for their loyalty. Clients should remember the sex worker is always in control and can set their own terms as they see fit.

Multiple shots on goal is also known as multiple shots or multiple pops.

More About Multiple Shots On Goal

Sex workers who commonly charge by the hour for their services are more likely to allow multiple shots on goal. As people in real-life relationships may have intercourse several times during a sexual encounter, multiple shots on goal may be part of the services of escorts offering the “girlfriend experience.” Allowing multiple shots on goal during the girlfriend experience helps enrich the relationship role play aspect of the experience.

However, sex workers who strictly offer sexual services may also offer multiple shots on goal as part of these services. Some of these professionals charge per ejaculation. However, more commonly those that allow multiple shots on goal include this service in their hourly rate. Offering multiple shots on goal is less common for bookings lasting less than an hour. That’s because men usually need at least 30 minutes, but more often an hour or two, after orgasm before they can become hard and experience another one. However, some sex workers who book 30-minute sessions also offer multiple shots on goal.

Clients may prefer sex workers that offer multiple shots on goal. These sex workers can make their clients feel they’re getting all their needs without being restricted. Sex workers who offer multiple shots on goal are especially popular among those who suffer premature ejaculation, as they don’t feel like they’ve wasted their money if they ejaculate early in a session.

Seeing a sex worker who offers multiple shots on goal can also provide peace of mind for people who haven’t had sex in a long time, as well as people who are inexperienced. They can also feel confident that even if they come quickly, they can still get great value for their money. Due to their popularity with all types of clients, sex workers who offer multiple shots on goal tend to attract repeat customers and may find a higher degree of success in their field due to the client loyalty.


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