Missed Orgasm

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Missed orgasm refers to a condition where a woman experiences a physiological orgasm that does not register with the brain. This eliminates the sensation of intense satisfaction that normally accompanies climax. A missed orgasm may happen quite randomly and without reason. At the same time, this condition may be linked to a physical or emotional condition. Missed orgasms can be extremely frustrating for the woman because she does not feel satisfied even if the body technically experienced climax.

More About Missed Orgasm

Missed orgasms can be a purely psychological response. This condition can often happen if the woman is stressed out or had a tiring day at work. Missed orgasms may also result from other issues such as poor relationship dynamics, the person’s attitude and notions of sex, an unwillingness to explore one’s own body, insecurities, or past traumas.

In more severe cases, missed orgasms may require intensive counseling or sex therapy. According to sex experts, women who frequently experience missed orgasm should try to masturbate on a regular basis and get to know their own bodies. Since insecurity is a primary factor in missed orgasms, it is also advisable to indulge in intercourse or other types of sexual activities with individuals that you know and trust.


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