Military Play

Updated: DECEMBER 28, 2020

Military play is sexual role-playing that involves a soldier's uniform or two, and a fun and creative imagination. Partners can play bunkmates, sergeant and colonel, or hero and damsel in distress. Wherever fantasies lead, military play can make it hotter. Just make sure to set boundaries that include what each person involved is willing to do. A safeword is also necessary, especially when indulging in BDSM acts during military play.

More About Military Play

Military play is sexy as is, even without uniforms. It is about getting into the scene, regardless of what's worn or not worn. However, uniforms and gears can make it hotter. It also becomes easier to get into the military mindset. Uniforms are available in specialty stores. Gear for military play can be fashioned from common furniture and items, such as bunk beds, ropes, and handcuffs.


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