Published: FEBRUARY 18, 2015
Mesh describes any knitted, woven, or knotted fabric with an open texture. It has a large number of holes placed closely together. This distinctive finish allows what’s underneath to be seen through it. For this reason, mesh is popular for sexy lingerie. Mesh is also used for sporting apparel, tights, handbags, and clothing linings.

More About Mesh

Mesh fabrics are popular choices for lingerie as they offer a tempting glimpse of the body underneath. Since they are worn underneath regular clothing, they can also help the wearer express their sexuality without anyone knowing.

Wearing mesh undergarments is more subtle than wearing no underwear at all, and also more supportive. The open weave of the mesh fabric also makes them cool to wear as they allow air to circulate around the body. This also means that bodily odors are kept to a minimum, even during high-impact sports.

Women can choose from mesh bras and a range of bottoms including briefs, boy shorts, bikinis, and thongs. While most commonly used for women’s lingerie, men can choose from mesh briefs, boxers, bikinis, and thongs. Most of these male choices feature plain mesh, but lacy mesh is gaining popularity amongst adventurous men.

Mesh is more prone to tearing than most other lingerie fabrics. It should be cleaned on a delicate washing machine cycle, ideally in a lingerie bag, to prevent tears.

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