Mammary Intercourse

Updated: SEPTEMBER 27, 2021
Reviewed by Jon Pressick
on September 27, 2021

Mammary intercourse is a type of non-penetrative sex that involves thrusting a penis or dildo between the receiving partner’s breasts. It can be performed as a part of foreplay or as its own satisfying act. Mammary intercourse is primarily popular among cis, heterosexual partners, however, sex and gender are not necessarily specific for this activity. Anyone with breasts and those who use strap-ons also enjoy mammary intercourse. It is also known as titfucking or a boob job.

A common misconception about mammary intercourse is that the receiving partner must have large breasts to perform this act. In reality, because there are various different positions that can be used, breast size becomes a matter of preference instead of need. If the penis can get near the breasts, mammary intercourse can happen.

There are two common ways to perform mammary intercourse. In the first, the partner with breasts lies on their back and the partner with the penis stradddles their chest. Either of both people can then squeeze the breasts together, creating a tunnel for the penis to “penetrate.” In addition to the sensation of thrusting, both partners can do other things for added stimulation. Either person can manipulate the receiving partner’s nipples or use their hands to squeeze or rub the exposed parts of the penis. The receiving partner can also, depending the penis’ length and the angle their head is, lick or suck the head of the penis in between strokes or in short breaks from stroking.

The other most common variant of mammary intercourse is to have the partner with the penis sit or lie down on the edge of a chair or bed, and the partner with breasts kneel between their legs, squeezing their breasts around the penis. In this position, the person with breasts is more likely to be the active participant, moving their breasts up and down on the penis. The same additional activities, including nipple, manual and oral stimulation can still occur. In this position, some folks choose to wear a bra to increase the pressure of the squeezed breasts.

More About Mammary Intercourse

Mammary intercourse is one of those sex acts that incorporates visual and psychological pleasure as much as it does physical sensation. For sure, sliding a penis between squeezed together breasts feels amazing, but the sight and understanding of the act also play a big role in the pleasure. Having your partner hold and squeeze their breasts together can be very visually appealing and plays into watching masturbation fantasies. At the same time, because not many people receive significant sexual pleasure from their breasts, mammary intercouse is a performative act that focuses on the individual with the penis. In this respect, it can invoke feelings of domination and submission from either partner, or more overtly, be specifically used in BDSM activities.

Something to consider in mammary intercourse is whether or not lube is preferred or needed. Some people prefer not using lubrication for closer skin contact, or just allow precum and possibly saliva to be the slippery stuff. That said, while lubrication is not entirely necessary in this act, it may be preferred to avoid skin irritation of both the penis and the chest.

There is something to discuss before and during mammary intercourse: orgasm. Whether it is just intended as foreplay before moving on to something else or the main act of this sexual session, the potential for orgasm should be discussed because where you receive ejaculate is a very personal preference. Given the angle of mammary intercourse, orgasm can result in a “pearl necklace” or ejaculate on the face. Whether or not this is acceptable should be worked out beforehand.

Mammary intercourse is a safer alternative to penetrative sex. There is no risk of pregnancy and a very low risk of passing on sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, there is a small risk that couples could pass on STIs such as herpes and syphilis through skin-to-skin contact.

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