Updated: JANUARY 6, 2020

Male-to-neutrois is a gender identity held by individuals who were born with male characteristics and feel their true identity falls outside society’s gender binary system. These people who feel neither male nor female often prefer the term neutrois to describe their gender identity.

Male-to-neutrois is often shortened to the acronym MTN, especially on websites and online forums.

More About Male-to-Neutrois

Some people who identify as male-to-neutrois believes neutrois is a separate, third gender, while others believe they have no gender at all. No matter what their perspective, male-to-neutrois individuals look to minimize or even eliminate their masculine gender markers. These gender markers include a deep voice, excess hair on the face and body, rough skin, and a penis.

Living as a male-to-neutrois person can be difficult because the body needs sex hormones for a number of reasons, including bone health. That means male-to-neutrois people must take estrogen to lose their male characteristics. However, this hormones adds undesirable female characteristics. They also typically take an anti-androgen to block testosterone production. It can be difficult to find the right balance for good health and a desirable appearance.

Some male-to-neutrois people seek castration and penis nullification. However, most often male-to-neutrois individuals simply tuck their penises away to minimize their bulge. While male-to-neutrois individuals who undergo castration become eunuchs, not all eunuchs are neutrois. Many still identify as men, despite the castration.

The term male-to-neutrois only describes gender identity, not sexual identity. Some male to neutrois people are asexual while others are sexually active and enjoy heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual relationships. Sexually-active male-to-neutrois people most commonly identify as bisexual as the binary gender system does not resonate with them.


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