Male Embodiment Fantasies

Updated: FEBRUARY 17, 2020

Male embodiment fantasies (MEFs) are erotic thoughts or sexual fantasies about one’s own or imaginary male body and masculinity. American transfeminist writer Julia Serano coined the term as an alternative to autoandrophilia, a similar word with connotations that such fantasies are problematic or abnormal. Male embodiment fantasies are the opposite of Female embodiment fantasies, which are similar erotic thoughts concerning an individual’s female body or femininity.

Male embodiment fantasies are sometimes shortened to the acronym MEFs.

More About Male Embodiment Fantasies

People with any gender identity may have male embodiment fantasies, whether they are cisgender, transgender, or gender fluid, male or male-identifying, or female or female-identifying. That’s because the sexual thoughts are fantasies, that may or may not stem from the reality of the person fantasizing’s actual physical body.

Anecdotal evidence suggests though that female-to-male pre-op and non-op transgender individuals are more likely to have male embodiment fantasies than any other group. This may be because it seems only natural to fantasize about the body that matches your gender identity, especially when your actual body does not. Male embodiment fantasies are also more common among people who are sexually attracted to men.

It’s common during sexual fantasies to focus on a lover’s body, or the bodies of multiple lovers, for sexual arousal. While the person fantasizing may be present in the fantasy, they are not the fantasy’s focus. During male embodiment fantasies, the focus shifts to the fantasizer’s male body and masculinity. This male body and masculinity may be real or imagined. The person fantasizing likely sees in their mind’s eye what is being done to the male body and what it is doing to others in the fantasy. They are likely to focus on obviously masculine body parts and traits, including a muscular physique and the penis.

Male embodiment fantasies are relatively harmless and may even be an exciting part of foreplay with a partner or solo play. Honest communication with partners about the fantasies can minimize feelings of guilt or shame surrounding them. People may have persistent male embodiment fantasies at some points in their lives, then have these fantasies less frequently at other points. While they are no cause for concern, anyone who feels uncomfortable about their male embodiment fantasies may like to seek counseling.


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