Maid Training

Updated: AUGUST 30, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on August 29, 2022

Maid training is a type of BDSM role-playing activity in which a submissive performs a range of acts of domestic servitude to please their dominant partner. Maid training usually involves a submissive male serving a dominant female. In cases like this, maid training may be known as sissy maid training. More broadly, it may be referred to as domestic submission. Some professional mistresses also specialize in maid training and use it as part of their scenes with submissive clients. It is also a pornographic genre.

Maid training may include sex play or sex toys, but some people find the act of service in itself arousing - and many submissives just enjoy pleasing their dominants in any way they can. Maid training can occur at discrete times or, in a 24/7 D/s dynamic, the submissive may serve as a maid to their dominant at all times.

More About Maid Training

Exactly how maid training is performed is subjective and negotiable, but submissives typically perform at least some of the duties typically expected of a domestic maid. This may include cleaning the dominant’s house, cooking the dominant's meals and washing the dominant’s clothes. The dominant may also teach the submissive how to properly behave. This instruction may include lessons in curtsying, deportment and how to dress.

The dominant will oversee the submissive’s duties and may administer punishment if they are not performed to a satisfactory standard. Punishments may involve spanking or flogging, humiliation, bondage, confinement, or anal punishment.

Submissives may wear costumes to enhance the role-playing exercise such as a traditional frilly French maid’s outfit or a type of fetish wear, such as a rubber maid’s outfit. Such costumes can also help display a maid’s submission to the dominant.

When male submissives become maids, they are said to be “sissified.” Their genitals may be shaved, they may wear female lingerie and makeup, and generally, they attempt to present themselves as women. These gestures may help make the submissive feel vulnerable, thus reinforcing his role in the scene.


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