Madam’s Apple

Updated: FEBRUARY 13, 2017

A madam’s apple is an oversized thyroid nodule on the trachea of a woman, or a person presenting as a woman.

A madam’s apple is the female equivalent of the large lump that appears on a male’s trachea, known as an Adam’s apple. However, unlike an Adam’s apple, not every woman has a madam’s apple.The term madam’s apple originated in the United States.

More About Madam’s Apple

As not every woman has a madam’s apple, one may make people suspicious that a person is not a biological woman at all, and instead may be a male-to-female transvestite or male-to-female transsexual. In fact, a madam’s apple is one of the tell-tale signs that some may not have been born a woman.

However, some cis-gendered women do have a madam’s apple. This is a genetic anomaly, much like having a third nipple or some other physical quirk.

There is a common perception that individuals presenting as women that have madam’s apples are not as attractive as people who do not have them.

The term madam’s apple is perceived as offensive or transphobic by many people. It may be used to make fun of the appearance of male-to-female transsexuals, male-to-female transvestites, and cis-gendered women with this body part. Even if it’s not intended as an insult, the term may be taken as such.


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