Updated: MARCH 12, 2019

Macrophilia is a sexual fascination with giants. The term directly translates to "lover of large," but macrophiles are attracted to extreme height rather than extreme weight. Macrophiles generally enjoy feeling smaller and less powerful than their fantasy partner. They might imagine being dominated, degraded, abused, or even eaten by the giant of their dreams. When the giant is female, macrophilia may be called giantess fetish.

Macrophiles are most commonly heterosexual males who fantasize about female giants known as giantesses or GTS. It’s believed that there are relatively few female macrophiles because women are typically smaller and more submissive than their male partners so they do not need to fetishize this type of relationship.

More About Macrophilia

Macrophilic fantasies typically involve one or more giants dominating the smaller person. Macrophiles might imagine shrinking and playing with normal-sized partners or keeping their own height while their partner grows in size. Others simply fantasize about becoming involved with a partner that’s significantly larger than they are.

Macrophilia is closely linked to a range of other fetishes. These include crush fetishism, vorarephilia, and foot fetishism.

The Internet has helped macrophilia gain more attention through Photoshopped artworks, photographs which play with perspective, and amateur videos. Macrophiles can take their fetish offline and into the real world with the help of tall women known as Amazonian women. These women schedule private sessions where they trample, lift, and dominate their admirers.


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