Low Dollar Looker

Updated: JULY 18, 2017

A Low Dollar Looker is a term which describes an affordable or inexpensive sex worker. This term is most commonly used on websites or online forums where johns post field reports detailing their experiences with prostitutes. This identifier can help other prospective customers find a prostitute within their budget.

Low Dollar Looker is often shortened to the abbreviation LDL.

More About Low Dollar Looker

The term Low Dollar Looker is the opposite of High Dollar Hottie, or HDH, which is used to describe a prostitute with high rates.

While the term Low Dollar Looker implies that the prostitute being described is attractive, this isn’t always the case. Many people use the term looker simply because it’s more politically correct than the word hooker. The term LDL refers to a sex worker’s asking prices rather than to their appearance.

It’s generally assumed that the higher a sex worker's rates, the more attractive they will be. However, this isn’t strictly true, as prospective clients can find beautiful women in the sex trade at all price points.

Due to their affordable rates, Low Dollar Lookers tend to be very busy. As they see so many clients, some people suggest that the service provided isn’t as good as that given by High Dollar Hotties.


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