Love Slave

Updated: MAY 24, 2017

A love slave is a submissive participant in a BDSM relationship. Driven by love, a love slave will go to great lengths to receive the affection of the Dominant.

Love slaves put the interests of their Dominant partner first even if it is inconvenient. Their only goal is to make their Dominant happy. In return, Dominants will lavish their slaves with affection.

More About Love Slave

A love slave acts obediently and submits to the will of his or her Dominant partner. This may include completing acts of service, wearing outfits of the Dominant’s choosing, and engaging in sexual acts as requested. While the term love slave might seem degrading to people outside the BDSM community, love slaves insist that their role is not humiliating or demeaning in any way.

Some people confuse the term love slave for sex slave, although most members of the BDSM community note a clear distinction.


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