Published: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Lithsexuality is a sexual orientation where people experience sexual attraction without the desire to act on it or have the attraction reciprocated by the object of their desire. This sexual orientation sits on the asexuality spectrum.

Lithsexuality takes its name from the Greek word lithos, meaning stone, a sexual identity predominantly used by butch lesbians and transmasculine people to describe a desire to give sexual pleasure but not receive it.

Lithsexuality is also called akoisexuality. People who identify with lithsexuality are known as lithsexuals or akoisexuals.

More About Lithsexuality

As with many sexual orientations, many people have different experiences of lithsexuality. Some feel sexual attraction towards others but know they do not want to act on their attraction or be desired by others. Other lithsexuals feel sexual attraction until these feelings are reciprocated. Then they find their attraction fades.

Lithsexual people are typically content to enjoy the feelings that come with experiencing sexual attraction towards another person. They enjoy the thrill of seeing the object of their affection and fantasizing about them, much like people enjoy fantasizing about celebrities they know they will never get together with.

Lithsexual people also act on their sexuality in various ways. Some may masturbate while thinking of the people they are attracted to but be unwilling to have any sexual interaction with the objects of their desires. Others may accept mutual masturbation but reject other forms of sexual contact. Others will engage in a variety of sexual activities because they enjoy other elements of sexual relationships, although they do not necessarily feel a pull to act on their sexual attraction towards others.


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