Leather Butt

Updated: JANUARY 23, 2017

Leather butt is a condition which develops as a result of repeated spankings over time. The condition gets its name because the buttocks begin to take on a leathery texture, due to built up scar tissue and desensitized nerve damage.

Leather butt may be develop through spankings by hand or with another implement, such as a flogger or a wooden paddle.

More About Leather Butt

Leather butt can be thought of as a type of conditioning that comes from the training the buttocks are exposed to during BDSM play. As the skin strengthens and toughens, the body better adapts to the activities it must endure.

The changes in skin texture that result in leather butt can be unsightly, but they also make it easier for a person to take a vigorous spanking as their skin is thicker and their nerves are desensitized. This can be counter-productive however, as in extreme cases submissives can no longer feel the stimulation of the spanking, even when excessive force is used. In such cases, submissives may experience more pleasure when paddles and other devices are used to administer spankings.

The degree of leather butt that someone develops varies between individuals. The condition can be minimized with a warm bath and lotion, which can keep the skin tender and supple. If one starts to detect signs of leather butt, they may wish to cease spanking until their body has time to recover.

While some degree of leather butt is inevitable for people who are spanked regularly with force, dominant partners should do their best to minimize damage. This includes warming their partners up first and knowing when to cease spanking or reduce its intensity.


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