Landing Strip

Updated: MAY 15, 2017

A landing strip is a small, narrow patch of hair that is left behind after a bikini wax. It is named after the long, narrow strips of asphalt that planes land on.

A wax with a landing strip is almost like a Brazilian wax, as the hair around the genitalia is removed, but it leaves a bit of hair at the front for aesthetic purposes. It also saves one of the most sensitive areas, the mound of Venus, from painful waxing.

More About Landing Strip

Some women don’t actually like the look of a full Brazilian wax; some say it makes their genital area look too childish. Others simply cannot handle the pain of waxing off the mound of Venus. If you want the sensitivity of a full Brazilian but with a more mature appearance, the landing strip is perfect. It is usually no more than half an inch wide (although the cosmetologist or aesthetician can personalize it to your preference). The remaining hair is also trimmed for a neat look.


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