Updated: JANUARY 28, 2019

The labia are the two outer and two inner lips of the genitals. These lips vary in size depending on the person. The labia surround and protect the clitoris, vagina and urethra.

More About Labia

There is no such thing as normal-sized labia. In fact, there is a huge variety in the shape and appearance of the labia. In some people, the labia minora (smaller, inner labia) are completely covered and concealed by the labia majora, while other people have pronounced labia minora that protrude from the labia majora. Unfortunately, there is currently a worrying trend in the media of photo-shopping the labia on models to make them appear smaller.

This has led to an increase in labiaplasty surgery, in which the labia are reshaped, often for cosmetic reasons. To combat this, many feminists are campaigning to make people aware that labia come in all shapes and sizes.

Occasionally, the labia can become distended after childbirth, interfering with the owner's day-to-day activities. In this case, a doctor consultation may be needed.


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