Updated: JANUARY 22, 2015
Knismolagnia is a fetish where sexual arousal is produced through tickling. This term stems from the word knismesis which describes a light, tickling sensation. People may experience knismolagnia when they are being tickled or by watching someone else get tickled.

Knismolagnia is also known as titillagnia. Foot and armpit fetishes are related to knismolagnia because they involve ticklish body parts.

More About Knismolagnia

Tickling is an intimate activity which requires a degree of trust. It can bond individuals and serve as an outlet for sexual energy. People may test their endurance in tickling contests or games. In these scenarios, it’s a good idea for participants to agree on a safeword ahead of time.

Knismolagnia is often enhanced through the use of physical restraints. Ticklephiles may be tied up, cuffed or placed in stocks to ensure that they cannot escape the tickling. A prolonged tickling session of this kind is known as tickle torture. Blindfolds can also enhance knismolagnia, as they deprive the wearer of their sense of sight which heightens touch receptors.

During knismolagnia, ticklees may writhe around, laugh, and even reach orgasm.

Knismolagnia is closely related to pteronphilia, which describes a sexual fetish that involves being tickled with feathers. While there is sometimes a fine line between being tickled hard and being scratched, knismolagnia should not be confused with acrophilia which is sexual pleasure derived from scratching or being scratched.

Knismolagnia is quite common, but it can become a sexual obsession and cross into paraphilia if one's sexual identity is based around the desire to be tickled. Regardless of this, it’s uncommon for people who experience knismolagnia to seek treatment. Most accept their tickle fetish is a part of their identity and manage gratification appropriately. If knismolagnia becomes difficult to manage, people may seek psychotherapy, including orgasmic reconditioning and cognitive behavioral therapy.


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