Updated: FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Jiftip is a male contraceptive sticker which covers the urethra to contain semen within the penis during sexual intercourse and ejaculation. It’s made of polyurethane, with an adhesive on one side meant to stick to the penis.

Since the Jiftip covers only the tip of the penis, rather than the entire male organ, the device aims to provide a more intimate and sensual sexual experience than condoms. As the Jiftip has not been scientifically tested, it’s not recommended as an effective form of contraception.

More About Jiftip

The Jiftip can be applied on a penis of any side, when it’s flaccid or erect. Once in place, the user can engage in sexual activity without ejaculating. When he’s ready to orgasm, the company behind Jiftip encourages pulling out, removing the Jiftip “feel shield,” then ejaculating.

By preventing the transmission of semen, Jiftip claims to prevent unplanned pregnancy and limit the spread of certain sexually transmitted infections. Since it’s essentially a sticker, it also doesn’t come with the side effects of some chemical contraceptives.

Medical professionals are skeptical of the Jiftip and its contraceptive credentials. They fear semen could leak from the sides of the Jiftip or that it could fall off during sex, especially when it’s placed under the pressure of ejaculation. There’s also a danger that the Jiftip could become stuck in place, which could become dangerous for the prostate by inhibiting normal fluid flow. As the Jiftip only covers the urethra, medical experts also warn that partners will be exposed to some sexually transmitted infections that live on the surface of the penis, like syphilis and herpes. As the tip of the penis is so sensitive, removal of the Jiftip may also be painful.


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