Irish Kiss

Updated: MARCH 8, 2016

An Irish kiss refers to the unsavory experience of being farted on. It could be intentional or by accident. It can happen anywhere. Bedroom Irish kisses seem to be the most brutal because these could occur during oral sex. Giving and receiving Irish kisses are part of our humanity. There is really nothing that one can do about it except to accept the situation and move on. There is even a fetish for people who enjoy the idea of the Irish kiss.

More About Irish Kiss

A person who is prone to giving Irish kisses should try to reduce incidents or make it a bit more pleasant to the receiver. These kisses result in having too much air pressure in the digestive system. This may be because of a medical condition; or, it can be because of the food eaten. Consult with a doctor if Irish kisses happen consistently. Likewise, try watching what one eats.

Just remember that it's not something that can always be controlled. So, it's important to be understanding of your partner.


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