Irish 8 Handcuffs

Updated: MAY 1, 2018

Irish 8 handcuffs are a style of rigid metal handcuffs used to restrain a submissive partner in BDSM bondage activities. The cuffs get their name because the metal is fashioned to resemble the number eight. Each wrist is fastened within the loops of the number 8.

Irish 8 handcuffs are also called Irish handcuffs.

More About Irish 8 Handcuffs

Irish 8 handcuffs differ from other handcuff styles because they are fashioned from a single piece of metal. This unique design feature helps them hold the wrists more rigidly and securely than other types of handcuffs, including normal chain handcuffs and LIPS hinged handcuffs. This enhances their appeal for both the dominant and submissive partner.

Irish 8 handcuffs have just one locking position, and can only be unlocked using the keys provided. They can be used in any type of activity where the submissive person should be restrained, including feather play, spanking, punishment, and humiliation play.

These types of handcuffs have a vintage appeal which makes them popular with many BDSM enthusiasts.


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